Best Free Apps for Clinicians

As most clinicians know, having some medical apps on your phone can be an easy and effective tool in the workplace. Since apps can be expensive, these are some of the best free apps for clinicians that can help you out on a daily basis.

ACLS Certification

This app is one of the best medical training applications available and can be invaluable. It’s available for both Android and iOS systems and used by doctors as well as other medical professionals. With this app, you can look up drug information, find providers, and calculate patient measures like BMI. It’s all available on this one app so if you only want to have one, this is the best choice. Keep in mind that while most of the information is free, some additional functions may come at a cost. Lab guides and alternative medications, for example, do have a yearly cost. However, even the free version is great.
This app is not specifically for the medical team, but it’s great for anyone who needs a productivity-based app to help you keep up with daily work. With this app, you can create custom lists, tags, and subtasks as well as assign priorities to different tasks so you can keep track of which ones are urgent and which ones are less important. You’ll also have access to a reminders function and a great feature where high priority emails can be forwarded to the app, which will help you keep up. The Todo app easily integrates with Siri in the iOS system so you’ll enjoy this feature if you have an Apple phone. The best thing is that it’s available at no cost to you.
This is an app that helps you make quick decisions and it’s targeted to doctors who work in the emergency room. However, it can also be used by nurses, students, pharmacists, doctors, and even EMTs. A surprising bonus is that you’ll earn continuing medical education credits while you use it. Enjoy unique features like symptom checker to help you diagnose faster. You can also find drug interactions and dosing suggestions when trying to choose a medication. This app is constantly updated and it will remind you with notifications for new research, warnings, and drug approvals to make sure that you’re up-to-date.
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This app is available on the iOS and Android systems and provides a central location to keep up to date with medical literature and journal articles. It uses a magazine format and will let you browse through studies, articles, and journals. There is plenty of free content available and it’s a good way to keep up with your specific area. While the app is free, some journals may require a subscription or credentials so you’ll have to make sure that you have access to the information you need while using this app.
This app is used as a diagnosis assistance and available for both major operating systems. Its results have been validated by studied multiple times so you can use this app safely. This is a good way to double-check a diagnosis when you want some confirmation. The database contains over 6,000 disease presentations and symptoms. You can also refine the results by age, travel history, and gender. While the app is free, you’ll need to have online access to use it. If you’re in an area where you make a diagnosis on a daily basis, you’ll want to consider this app.
While applications are only a part of being a clinician, the right ones can make your daily job a little easier. Keep yourself on task with some of these handy apps. You’ll find that having a few free ones on your device can make a world of difference.