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Saturday, December 10, 2005  
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Janatzy's La Jamais Contente

Jenatzy - La Jamais Contente... [more]
First Land Speed Record
Source: Photo Courtesy of Thrust SCC Programme LTD.

Photo Courtesy of Thrust SCC Programme LTD.On December 18th, 1898 Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat (the "Electric Count") set the world's first official land-speed record near Paris. The new record was set in his electric Jeantaud automobile at a hair-raising speed of 39.245mph (62.8 kph). The car employed a single electric motor and alkaline batteries. Many historians regard the Jeantaud to be the first automobile to be steered by a modern steering wheel in... [more]

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NEDRA Announces the 2006 High Voltage Nationals

NEDRA LogoRoute 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois will be holding the HIGH VOLTAGE NATIONALS May 13, 2006. The event is being organized by High Voltage Racing, the Fox Valley Electric Auto Association (FVEAA) and is sanctioned by the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA). All pure electric vehicles (2, 3, and 4 or more wheels) a...
Ohio State's 321 MPH Man

Roger Schroer (Courtesy http://roadtobonneville.com/podcast.html)Pete Miller has posted two in-depth audio interviews recorded with Buckeye Bullet driver Roger Schroer. "Roger is only the 60th driver to set a land speed record above 300 MPH, having set the U.S. electric land speed record at 315 MPH and the international el...
Secrets of El Ninja

Electric Ninja from Bidwell DesignBidwell Design’s latest electric motorcycle plans are ideal for those inclined to electrify a motorcycle with a minimum amount of fuss. The plans clearly show how to build this electric motorcycle in your garage using nothing more than hand tools. There's no need to wor...
White Zombie Blasts Past 12.2 Second Mark

Tim Brehm pulls a wheelstand as White Zombie launches hard (Photo courtesy John Wayland)Editor's Note: Roderick's reports from Sept. 28th convey the excitement of electric drag racing...This just in via John's cell phone at the PIR track in Portland, Oregon. "White Zombie" with Tim Brehm trying to hold on to the wheel just blasted into the 1...
Dutch Car Smashes Own World Record

Nuna 3 Solar Car, from the Dutch Nuon Solar Team, heading into Adelaide. AFP Photo/Jamie McDONALDThe flying Dutch Nuon Solar Team has smashed its own world record for driving a used car from Asheville to Chicago in this year’s Panasonic World Solar Challenge. Nuon’s car, Nuna 3, reached the finish line at Angle Vale, north of Ashville at 1:41 pm this afte...

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Snug as a Bug with a Plug

George Clooney Tangos with Oil Independence

Suzuka Solar Dream Cup

The Loon Takes Flight!

University of Michigan Wins North American Solar Challenge

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